More English speaking practice

Speech recognition exercises for pronunciation, fluency and fun!

Our General English course now includes speech recognition exercises

Net Languages' 8-level General English online course now incorporates a wide variety of enjoyable and motivating speech recognition exercises to practise pronunciation, fluency, grammar, vocabulary, functional language and much more. Watch a video to see how speech recognition is integrated into the General English course and try the following sample exercises.


  • Try a sample of an A1 speaking fluency exercise. Listen and follow. Then read and record this paragraph.

  • Now try a sample of an A1 pronunciation practice exercise.
  • First, practise the sound: /iː/. Listen to the sound.

This sound is in words like me, he’s and these.

  • Listen to and record the words and sentences.

  • Now try a sample of an A1 vocabulary practice exercise. Look, say and record the correct word.

  • Now try a sample of a B1 listen and answer exercise. Listen and say the correct response.

  • Now try a sample of a B2 multiple choice exercise. Record the complete sentence with the correct option.



All speech recognition exercises are powered by Carnegie Speech.

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